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Devon's Drawer is a mom and daughter run company that makes heirloom clothing for modern families. Our clothing is built to last for many generations, and is tested on our family and friends to ensure all the details are right. We believe that by making high quality clothing, and using ethical and environmentally responsible production, we can make the world a better place.

Our Fall/Winter 2019 line is inspired by designer Cynthia Bennett’s love of beautiful textiles. We’ve sourced recycled hemp and organic cotton blends, recycled wool, linen, and beautiful traditional Japanese prints. We use organic and natural materials, we dye our fabrics in downtown L.A. using low impact dyes, and we even source our buttons in downtown L.A. This means most of our line is made start to finish within a two mile radius in downtown L.A.

We use ethical labour to make our clothing, our clothing is sewn in a small workshop in downtown L.A., or by us in our little home studio (in Altadena, CA). We also work closely with our factories and suppliers to make sure that our materials are sourced ethically.

We would like to inspire you to buy less and better quality clothing for your children, mend and reuse, and keep that clothing for generations! You can contact us for a free patching kit, if our clothing needs repair.


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