Thanksgiving; what are you thankful for?

We went to Salt Spring this weekend to visit friends. Although the trip over always seems like a long haul,  especially this time because Oli is out away for two weeks (luckily he was able to meet us on the island for one night), I had some time to consider my (and our) blessings. 


I slowed down enough this weekend to notice the strong community surrounding and supporting us. My mom has been out for the past week to help with the kids while Oli is away and that has been truly lovely. I also noticed the kindness and care my friends show my kids, taking them out for adventures and making them feel special. Although there is a special drudgery that comes with having children, I felt that we were surrounded and wrapped with the kindness of our community. And I noticed that in fact we were not alone in our project of raising children. This was really comforting to me, because especially when I'm solo parenting, I can feel alone. So this Thanksgiving I'm giving thanks for my community.

Oli and Em at our friend Jeramiah's house on the island

Oli and Em at our friend Jeramiah's house on the island

I hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as mine was.  


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