childhood magic

I had a magical and imaginative childhood filled with faeries and magical creatures, dress-up, and homemade cookies. I read books and became completely immersed in them, sometimes to my detriment; when I read Heidi I somehow managed to get a neighbour to give me a baby goat. I lived in the country, but also I was seven. I can only chalk this one up to "different times". 

I want my children to have the same sense of magic that I did growing up, but raising children in the city is different. I definitely don't have to worry about neighbours giving us random goats, but I also can't let my children roam completely free over five acres like I did growing up.

So, how do you raise children who maintain a sense of magic, wonder, and freedom, but also keep them safe? And I'm not talking about strangers in the big city kind of safe (although that is occasionally a peripheral concern), but mostly teenagers driving too fast through my neighbourhood kind of safe. I haven't found the perfect balance yet, but I do think that giving some responsibility to kids helps. In my view, you can't expect kids to be responsible unless you give them some responsibility. I just started letting D ride his bike around the block on his own (sidewalk only).  A bit heart wrenching for me (my baby!!!) but I think it's a good step for him. Any suggestions from you, my lovely readers?





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