New interview in Junior Style London!

Junior Style London published an interview with me yesterday about our Spring 2017 line, our family business, and more! Here's an excerpt, but you can check out the full article here.

Launched in 2012, Devon’s Drawer is a family run business, creating modern yet classic pieces built to last many generations.

JS: Hi Meera, can you start by telling us a bit about your recently released, Spring 2017 collection? We love the colours and patterns you have chosen to include, is there a story or inspiration behind this?

MB: My Mom (Cynthia) does the design and my sister (Angelica) and I help with creative direction so I’ve answered the questions with their input. Our Spring 2017 collection was inspired by Wes Anderson’s movies, and especially (my current favourite) “Moonrise Kingdom”. Our designs are also inspired by my mom’s upbringing in 1960’s Los Angeles, and my Grandma’s impeccable style (perfectly tailored dresses, high waisted shorts, beautiful peasant blouses. I have a bunch of hand me downs from my Grandma, and they are by far the coolest items in my closet!). My Mom is a huge fabric nerd, so she is also really inspired by the fabrics and prints we find each season. For spring, we loved pom poms and Ikat fabric, and built the collection from there.