Ambition-new post over at Peaks and Harbours

I've got a new post over at Peaks and Harbours about female ambition, specifically mine. Short excerpt below, you can read the whole piece if you click here.


"All my previous posts for Peaks and Harbours have been about life side of work-life balance. I was reflecting on this, and think I tend to talk more about my kids than my work partly because it’s a more relatable thing to talk about. But also, parts of my work are super boring, and it’s hard to spice up the hours I spend trying to remove all superfluous adverbs from my writing, or reading lengthy statutes.


But, what’s missing when I just talk about my kids is that I actually really enjoy my work. I get to do interesting work, earn reasonable income, and work reasonable hours (which I guess helps me enjoy my work). I actually tried to get my husband to be the stay at home parent a while ago (no dice, he likes working too)."