spring 2017

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heirloom clothing

Devon's Drawer is a mom and daughter run company, we make heirloom clothing for modern kids. Our clothing is built to last for many generations, and is tested on our family and friends to ensure all the details are right. We believe that by making high quality clothing, and using ethical and environmentally responsible production, we can make the world a better place. 


We source our materials and labour as locally as possible, most of our line is made from start to finish within a two mile radius in downtown Los Angeles.  Our clothing is ethically sewn in downtown LA. We source our fabrics from as close by as possible, use organic and natural materials, ethical and handwoven fabrics, and dye our fabric in LA using low impact dyes. Our wool is from Woolrich Mills, in Pennsylvania, one of the last remaining woollen mills in North America.


it's all in the family

Devon's Drawer is a family run business, run by three generations. Cynthia, the family matriarch and designer for Devon's Drawer has a background in costume design and fashion history, and also has clothed her family in custom duds as long as we can all remember. Devon's Drawer was born when Cynthia's oldest daughter had her first son, Devon. With some urging from her kids, Cynthia slowly turned her passion and talent for making children's clothing into a business.